Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stop Global Warming

Earlier in the month, I had researched gestalt principles. In this work of art, I chose to incorporate two into my work. The gestalt principles are great ways to sort of trick the mind and play with how you see things. It was really awesome to take what I had learned and make something out of it. In this particular piece, I had used proximity in the girl's shirt with the orange lines. I had also used closure within the ice cream cone. I began this project by choosing a worldly issue, global warming, that really needs to be changed. I started with the ice cream itself. To me, it is the most important thing about the picture. I believe it helps get the concept across since it is the world melting. I traced a very generic photo of ice cream with the pen tool and chose colors to fit the Earth. I then made the little girl, I wanted to use a human in the picture because we are the cause of global warming and as a child, we're ignorant to the world and it's issues and I feel that a lot of people are simply ignoring the fact that our Earth is in danger. I drew her with the pen tool as well, and used the pencil tool on her shirt. I then went on to make the sun and flames with the pen tool. I am happy with this piece, but I do think it could have been better. I'm not happy with the sun flames, but with how much I learned on this project I am happy.

33 Hours, and a Selfie Later...

The idea behind this project, was to simply make a self portrait  out of squares. Having never used Illustrator, working with only squares really helped get my feet wet with the program and begin to understand it. I began by simply taking a photo of myself or a "selfie." I then put a filter over the photo that broke the image down into simple colors. After that I began making very tiny squares. I did this over and over, each color having it's own layer in Illustrator. Towards the end, since the layers were under all of the others, I was able to use larger squares. The "selfie" was cut off at the end of my sweater and I wasn't too sure what to do to it, so I made the squares look as if they were disintegrating. I am very happy with this project, it took literally thirty-three hours and it looks like me. When I started this project my goal was to make the image so well crafted that people would know who it was and I believe it accomplishes that.